Meet Michael

Michael Morabito is somewhat of a self-taught artist. After taking an entry level metalsmithing class and completing a short apprenticeship under fellow jeweler Jerell Rodriguez, Morabito knew he wanted to make a career out of making jewelry. Being able to create something out of nothing helps to keep him inspired and brings him joy.
Morabito is constantly exploring various techniques and developing his skills. He pulls his inspiration from his interactions and the nuances of the world around him.
Morabito specializes in high-end precious metal and gemstones. He mixes the old with the new, using techniques that have been in place for hundreds of years while creating pieces that can be described as space-deco or abstract futurism with hints of classical jewelry like scrollwork and filigree.
Morabito only uses natural gemstones as a way to reconnect the wearer with the earth’s natural energy fields, sourcing them from a variety of U.S. and foreign-based suppliers. When it comes to metal, he uses argentium silver, various carat blends of gold and has begun to include platinum in his work.
The company name Oscillation Devices, is based on the idea that each piece resonates with the wearer and with the fabric of reality, helping focus one’s energy into a more potent, fifth-dimensional wavelength.
Check out Morabito’s various products of jewelry, paintings, t-shirts and stickers or contact him for a custom piece of artwork.